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GKC offers comprehensive range of expertise and solutions in Water & Environment sector. The Company has the wherewithal to deliver comprehensive water supply schemes and has completed various for Urban / Rural Water Supply Projects and Industrial Projects in several states across India in time at the right cost and uncompromising quality. 

Equipped with state-of-the art machinery along with experienced personnel for production and quality assurance, the company provides a wide range of pipeline manufacturing solutions. GKC has produced 900 mm to 3700 mm dia pipes on site using own machinery..

Projects Portfolio: Water & Environment:

  • Kolhapur Water Supply Project, Maharashtra
  • KUWSDB Water Supply Works 4-Pakages, Karnataka
  • Phalodi Water Supply Project, Rajasthan
  • Mysore Water Supply Project, karnataka
  • Kota Water Supply Project, Rajasthan
  • Kakinada Water Supply Project, AP
  • Thoothukudi Water Supply 3-Packages, TN
  • Bhabhar & Deodar Water Supply Project, Gujarat

Featured Project

Water Supply Augmentation System for Kolhapur City

Augmentation of Water Supply System for Kolhapur city from Kalammawadi Dam as source under UIDSSMT

The Project aims to meet the increased drinking water requirements for Kolhapur city. This is a Design, Build Contract with Operation & Maintenance for a period of five years of the entire system comprising of the Jack Well cum Pump House, Approach Bridge, Pumping Machinery, Transformer Substation, Rising Main, Water Treatment Plant, Break Pressure Tank, Feeder Main, Gravity Main, SCADA System & other civil works including Staff Quarters. The Project involves Providing, Lowering, Laying, Jointing and Testing of MS and DI Pipe Lines of various diameters.

Rural Water Supply Scheme- Phalodi To Baori Kallan – Khara – Jaloda

A project awarded by PHED, Rajasthan covering comprehensive water supply scheme catering to 43 villages and comprising of Raw Water Reservoir (605 ML), Raw Water Pump Houses, Clear Water Pump Houses, Water Treatment Plant , ESRs, DI & UPVC pipelines

Water Supply Service Improvement Project in Kakinada Municipal Corporation

Comprehensive Water Supply Service Improvements in Kakinada Municipal Corporation (Package 1) under Andhra Pradesh Municipal Development Project.

This is a Design, Build Contract comprising construction of Elevated Level Balancing Reservoir (ELBR), 1000 mm Dia MS Gravity Main, Clear Water Sump, Pump House, Pumping Machinery and miscellaneous civil works.


Design, Build & Operation of Regional Water Supply Scheme for Bhabhar & Deodar Taluka, based on SAMLA VADANA off take from Narmada Main Canal under Sujalam Sufalam Program. The objective of the project is to cater to the drinking water requirements of Bhabhar & Deodar towns and the villages under these Talukas.

This is a Design, Build & Operate Contract for Intake Well, Pump House, Pumping Machinery, U/G Sump, Water Treatment Plant, RCC ESR, Distribution Network and Miscellaneous Civil Works including Operation and Maintenance for 5 years. The Project also involved Supply, Laying, Jointing and Testing of various types of Pipe Lines viz., MS, DI, PVC, GRP etc.